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Marketplaces reminiscent of a lost era..

The Frost Elf Den, a dangerous destination for an adventurer.

Custom crafting includes weapons, armor, potions and more!

Lively towns centered on a bustling economy.

Rare custom mounts can be tamed only by the brave.

Perilous journeys into our dungeons await.

Static houses are available for your RP pleasure.

PVP in our custom duel pits where you can risk it all!

Custom Mob Locations with Storylines Around the World.

UOCataclysm is a perfect blend of the best of Sphere 51a, T2A and what many of us consider the 'golden age' of Ultima Online. UOC has spared no expense to design a server which functions with all of the greatness of the original Sphere but powered by RunUO. Be apart of a rich, custom world with a unique flair and quality the most nostalgic can appreciate. Finally a server you can enjoy that lives up to its promises on being true to the original Sphere playstyle!

Shine On

March 5th, 2021

Greetings Avatars, it's both difficult and hard to believe that I'm writing this today after so many years. In 2008, Tantrik, Insidious and I conceived of the idea of recreating an experience that we had as teenagers while playing on the original Imagine Nation shard. It took us 6 years of development with a huge learning curve to finally get to a position where we felt confident in launching and did so in late 2014. The number of bumps in the road were much greater in the beginning and we had to become experts at everything.. development, world building, server administration, customer support, marketing, and the list goes on. In the early days I'll admit, it was quite rough for us as staff and there were many times I was ready to throw in the towel, but we persevered. 

I had no idea that to create what we had it would require so much more than just the correct rules for the era. A UO shard is a living, breathing entity and requires proper nourishment like anything else. We experienced many naysayers in all those years and although they may have tried, they never broke our spirit. We made many difficult decisions but always had the best intentions of the shard in mind. Many changes transpired in our lives during the course of Cataclysm.. marriages, children, new jobs, new responsibilities. Although it may seem unbelievable to some, we took substantial portions of time out of our lives to create Cataclysm and keep it as professional as it was. While creating our first Expansion I was thinking about designs and content from the moment I'd wake up, on my drive to work, discussing with my colleagues at lunch only to get home and not leave my computer until long after the sun went down. It brought me great joy to see our creation being consumed by all of you. I remember the first smoking treasure chests, how hard it was for players and everyone was developing strategies and how much delight this brought me. To continue with that momemtum was difficult and I'm sure pushed many of our relationships to the brink.

I hope that all the effort we did allowed you to achieve what we always wanted, for you to relive a part of your past and have that nostalgic experience that we all crave. Thank you Tantrik and Insidious for all the work that you've done here, without you both there is no way we would have ever lived up to our dream and vision. Thank you as well to all of our supporters, players and predecessors as without you we'd have never had the success we had. I will always cherish the time that I spent here.

As we kept the torch lit for so many years, I am confident that it is merely dim only to be reignited when the time is right. Goodnight Cataclysm and may your memory continue to shine.





Archived News

Patch 8 Live!

Hello all, I'm pleased to announce that we've now published Patch 8. With this patch comes various fixes to the vulnerabilities of PKing players within houses, public moongates working a lot better, working guild doors, players losing fame when they die and much much more. For the full details please read this post: Patch 8.

Running Strong for a Month!

Can you believe that Cataclysm UO is now a month old? It seems like it was just yesterday we had 5 players on, a couple of server crash issues, no chatting system, taming much too difficult, etc. A lot has changed in that month, just take a look at our Patch Notes in the forums! We've now peaked at over 40 users according to UOPortal and JoinUO! It seems we have been averaging 25-35 players depending on the time of day. We're in a good place for such a young shard, and have much room to grow! I encourage all of you to continue voting and spreading the word!

Lag Issue Fixed & New Forums

We have migrated to a new host today which is more centrally located for all players on the server (now in Dallas, TX). Pings are good and best of all, the lag we were experiencing is gone! The issue with UOPortal not finding our online player count was resolved with this migration as well. I know we also had issues with our old forums, so I've gone ahead and ripped the old one out and implemented a much better solution that works. As always, please let us know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions.

We are Live! Cataclysm UO Has Officialy Launched!

Cataclysm Ultima Online Grand Opening!

We would like to thank everyone for visiting the community on launch day! We will be available for any questions and comments regarding the shard today! Please join us in a brand new world!

Picking up the Torch: Cataclysm UO Official Launch on 12/13/14

We are proud to announce that we are ready for launch this weekend on Saturday, December 13th 2014 at 7:00AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8:00).



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