Terms of Service

Please read the rules for our Shard carefully before creating a game account. Staff Members may jail, ban, or delete accounts based on the severity of the violation and is entirely subject to Staff discretion. We ask simply that our players maintain minimal decent behavior and respect with each other, within the boundaries of basic common sense.

Ultima Online: Cataclysm UO is free to play.

  • We will never ask you for any money to play on our game server or use our forums. We just hope you enjoy using our service and have fun playing.

You may have two game accounts.

  • Any player is allowed to have up to two accounts on Cataclysm UO. Although you will be only allowed to make two accounts per IP address, we are happy to add any additional accounts for other people playing on the same IP address. You are allowed two houses per account.

You are only allowed ONE Tailoring Tub and ONE Carpentry Tub Per account.

  • You may GM Tailoring and Carpentry on multiple characters on your account, but you will only receive one dye tub per skill per account. Please choose which character you pick your tub on wisely. Dye tubs are "Soul Bound" to the creator and can only be used by them. You cannot dye bolts or piles of cloth.

Making multiple accounts to have more dye tubs is illegal.

  • As the title states, you may not disregard the two account limit policy and create alternate accounts for tubs. Staff may choose to take away the tubs on alternate accounts, or disable the alternate accounts entirely.

No Sharing of Accounts.

  • You may not share your game or forum accounts. It is your responsibility to keep your password to yourself.

You may log into up to two accounts at one time, per player.

  • You may simultaneously play up to two accounts at any one time per one computer.

The only 3rd party programs we officially support and allow are Razor or UOSteam (AssistUO).

  • Although many other programs do exist that can perform similar actions, Razor and UOSteam have been proven to be safe, reliable and work properly with Cataclysm UO. To ensure a balanced, fun and enjoyable game for everyone, we ask our players to only use these programs.

Unattended macroing for skill gain is legal using Razor or AssistUO \ UOSteam only. Any unattended macroing must be performed using these programs exclusively.

  • To ensure fair and balance game-play, we have a strict policy on third party programs, and only allow use of the mandatory launch program Razor for all unattended macroing in game.

We allow the use of UO Auto Map.

  • Besides Razor and AssistUO \ UOSteam, UO Auto Map is the only other third party program that we allow on our server.

We do NOT allow unattended resource gathering, with any program including Razor.

  • As stated, we do not allow any unattended gathering for any type of resource of any kind, unless it is the by product of a macro that is being performed for skill gain. (Example of this, you are training blacksmithing, and are creating daggers as a by product, thus gathering this item unattended. This is legal. Illegal macroing would be, shearing sheep, chopping trees, mining, gold farming or any initail crafting material gathering.)

Offensive player names may be changed by staff without notice.

  • We ask that players refrain from offensive, racist, or distasteful names for their players.

Taking advantage of game-play bugs or exploits is illegal.

  • We ask players to do their part and report any bugs to staff, especially if thay may allow a player to get an unfair advantage using some type of exploit or bug that was not intended to be used in normal game-play.

Scamming another player by using deception, being misleading, lying, or by using in game Stealing mechanics, and using normal communication methods, is legal on Cataclysm UO. Using an exploit to take advantage of another player, outside of normal communication and game-play, is illegal.

  • We ask that you understand this rule carefully. Any player attempting to scam another player by using normal game-play or communication is completely legal, and we ask that players use a sense of caution and common sense in their relationships, and trading on Cataclysm UO. Staff members are not at your beckon call if you are scammed, we ask our players to learn from these mistakes and move on. However, a player using some type of exploit, third party program, or any means outside of normal game-play or communication to gain advantage is highly illegal, and staff may choose a direct involvement in resolving these cases.

You may not use our website or game interface to advertise any outside business, service, or other server.

  • Please do not use our website, forum, or server to promote any outside service, or anything outside of our game world or website. You may not advertise any other Ultima Online servers on our service.

Your Account Security is your Responsibility

  • Please do not share your password with others. For those players who would like to discuss other options of account security, such as IP login restriction, please contact an Administrator.

Multi clienting in events is not allowed.

  • You may not have more than one character in any given event.

You may contact a staff member directly to address any other concern not listed here.

  • Have a question? Please see the "Staff" section of our website and drop us a line.

Playing on Cataclysm UO is a Privilege, not a Right

  • We made this server so whoever out there in the world that wants to play can have a good time and a good shard to play. Please don't go out of your way to make someones experience on unenjoyable, weather a fellow player or staff member. Although we hate to have to go out of our way to do this, we reserve the right to refuse our service to anyone, at any time, without any notice, at staff discretion.


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