Animal Taming

Taming can be a useful and rewarding, but dangerous profession on Cataclysm UO. With our custom mounts, unique Pet Notoriety system, and dynamic Player vs Monster combat, animal taming is sure to add depth to your game experience on CUO.

Taming Mounts

Those experienced in the Taming skill and willing to dravel to some of the most dangerous areas of our world will have the opportunity to collect a rare mount at one of the many spawns. These creatures can be difficult to tame, and are often well protected by dangerous creatures such as Guardians and Dragons. You may need to find a secret door, solve a puzzle, or simply survive in these spawn areas to get a chance to tame one of these mythical mounts. See the available mounts here.

Pet Notoriety

Just like players and NPC's, tamable pets have notoriety based on their fame and karma. A tamed creature such as a Nightmare and Dragon with their negative karma will start out as Red, and attackable by guards or players. By training you may increase the fame and karma of your creatures, causing them to obtain Blue, or positive notoriety. Blue pets will have the same benefits as Blue players and those who attack them will become criminal, and guards will not disturb them. You may shrink any pet to store safely in your bank or backpack, as well as store them in the stables.

Taming and Player Vs Monster

We feature a diverse taming system based on the ability and amount of followers your player can have. The maximum amount of followers a tamer can hold is five, and certain creatures may take up to two or three followers. Taming is an integral skill in raiding the deepest dungeons of our world, often time creatures are so strong you will need Taming and Bard skills to have a chance at survival!


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