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It's a part of life as a citizen of Britannia, other's who live in this world may use their skills to fight against you and steal your loot! Regardless of your profession in Ultima Online, combat is necessary to keep you safe and protect yourself against dangerous creatures or players. Our combat system contains all of the necessary features from Sphere 51a, and incorporates some additional features to balance the game-play.

Felucca Only PvP Shard

We believe Ultima Online's risk vs reward play-style is it's most entertaining and unique feature. Due to us offering an authentic era-correct experience, we only feature the Felucca facet, which allows unrestricted player vs player combat. A player may attack you at any time, in unguarded areas. You may call the guards if you are in a guarded town if you are attacked by an individual or group of players and they will be swiftly dealt with. Any item you carry that does not contain the magical "blessed" or "newbied" properties may be stolen from your corpse by a player or monster should you be vanquished.

No Blue Healers Interrupting Combat

Ever been annoyed when fighting with another player, and their friends keep healing them, causing you to fight a downhill battle? We have a system in place that discourages Blue players from healing others in player vs player combat, unless they are absolutely sure they want to participate in the battle themselves. If a player performs a beneficial action (heal, cure, res etc.) on someone that is in combat with a player, they will automatically be flagged as "Gray" or in combat with the person whom is fighting the healed player. The combatant can freely attack the healer should they choose, causing healers to think twice before stepping in. This feature helps ensure fair and balanced combat.

No Skill Cap, 300 Stat Cap

As part of the Sphere playstyle, we do not have a skill cap. All skills may be trained to 100.0%, creating dynamic combat where magery, armor, and weapons and shields are strategically used to eliminate enemies. Game-play has been balanced to compliment the use of a variety of skills while fighting other players. You may have 300 Total Stats, with any one Stat at a max of 120. Find the right stats balance for your type of character!

Repetition Based Skill and Stat Gains

All skill and stat gains are repetition based. This is ideal for macroing, and tranining. Stats gain on successful use of a skill rather than in conjunction with skill gains, allowing you to modify your stats to balance your character.

No Precasting

An era correct feature of The Second Age, we do not have pre-casting on our shard. Pre-casting is the delay where a character conjurs a spell to be ready for use whilst frozen in place. When using a spell, u simply get a target, and the spell casting sequence begins after a target is selected. You may move your character during this time, but equipping weapons, using bandages, or attempting to cast another spell will cause your spell to fizzle during the casting period. This helps with keeping up with a run-away player, and supplements the no skill cap play-style.

Weapons Drop When Casting or Bandaging

As a throwback to Imagine Nation, and to ensure pvp balance, we do not allow casting or healing while holding a weapon or shield. Instead, your weapons are removed upon an attempt to cast a spell, or use a bandage. You may, however, re-equip your weapon or shield after the attempt to cast or bandage has begun via macro, or manually. Furthermore, should you use a bandage while casting a spell, it will disrupt your spell causing it to fizzle.

Bandages Slip During Melee Combat

When you are injured, or peforming combat related tasks while bandaging, you will get the classic message "Your fingers slip!" Your probability of success and the duration of bandaging may be reduced by your characters slipping fingers.

Mana Potions

In a fight, you may need just one more Flame Strike to vanquish your enemy, or need some extra mana to heal your wounds. Mana and Total Mana potions replenish a players Mana Points and can be drank on-the-fly in battle. Carefully timing attacks, offensive spells, and potion drinking during your fights will be integral in defeating another well equipped player.

Old School Polymorphing

Polymorphing is a versatile spell in Sphere, as well as on Cataclysm UO. Polymorph allows your character to transform into a variety of creatures or monsters. As to make this skill era correct, we have it implemented so your characters strength increases if you transform into a strong creature. In balance, your AR is reduced. You can, however, wield a weapon if you transform into a creature that stands on two legs, causing a damage boost. But beware, Polymorph can be dispelled, leaving you unequipped and vulnerable to attack!

Scrolls Increase Cast Speed

Cataclysm features era accurate Sphere 51a scrolls and using a scroll results in increased cast speed. During pvp, a player will pick and choose when they need increased cast speed and may choose to use a Scroll.

Most Offensive and Defensive Spells are not Disruptable

As is era accurate, most offensive spells cannot be disturbed by a physical or magic attack. The rest of the features in combat result in a balanced, era accurate play experience. Some field and travel spells can be disrupted causing your spell to "fizzle."

Order vs Chaos

The old school Factions flourish on Cataclysm! Simple and promoting constant action, we feature Order vs Chaos exclusively when it comes to shard-wide war. You may create or join a guild of eather faction, allowing unrestricted combat between the two. Guilds may also declare war on other guilds that are not part of the O\C factions to add to the bloodshed.

Duel Arena Ladder

Throughout the lands of Sosaria you will find find arenas where you can challenge players in ranked, one on one combat. Interactive duel stones allow you to challenge players, set rules, allow use of potions, and even add a gold coin bet to be rewarded by the loosing player. Proudly defeat your foes and climb the ladder ranks and earn your reputation.


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