Skill Scrolls

There is no need to macro to build a combat ready character! Skill Scrolls will drop on enemies you slay in the world which will help you raise your essential PvP related skills. You will be notified when you receive them, simply double click them to use them! They are "Soul Bound" and can only be used by the character that obtained them.

Raise skills quickly while killing Monsters

  • You will receive skill scrolls often as a reward while fighting in PvM.
  • Some skill scrolls raise Melee Skills, some raise Magery skills.
  • For melee skills, you will receive a scroll to raise the combat skill you are currently using or the associated melee skills.
  • Defeat melee monsters to receive Melee Skill Scrolls.
  • Defeat casting monsters to receive Magery Skill Scrolls, which will allow you to raise magery or the associated magical skills.
  • We encourage all players of all play styles to join us every week!

Stats and skills raise 3x as fast while fighting Monsters

  • It's more fun to get out in the world and explore, fight, and loot than macro to raise your skills!
  • When fighting in combat with a monster, your chance to gain Skills and Stats is considerably faster.


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