Housing System

The housing system on Cataclysm UO was designed with era-correct functionality in mind, without the bugs of Sphere. All new characters start with a blessed key ring, don't loose it! Keys placed on this key ring will not drop on your corpse should you be killed, rather stay in your backpack when you are resurrected. You may double click your key to lock items down should you choose. We do not currently support custom housing, rather we geared focus more towards in-town (static) houses for you and your guildmates. All town houses available for player ownership have been manually cleaned out by staff of static items such as tables and chairs, freeing up room for the player to create their own unique layout in their town homes!


  • All of the original Second Age houses are available for purchase from an Architect vendor.
  • Static houses available of all sizes in all towns, edited to be item and clutter free, ready for your personal touch.
  • Lock down items with normal commands, or by double clicking your house key like Sphere.
  • Items inside houses that are not locked down or in secure chests will not decay.
  • Multiple tier secure chests, such as owner or co-owner access only.
  • Modern kick and ban features to keep out unwanted players.
  • Houses take approximately one year before becoming in danger of collapsing.
  • You may sell a house deed back by drag dropping it onto a Real Estate Broker NPC.

Purchasing Static Houses

  • Signs are posted on all in-town or houses that are available for purchase. Contact a staff member to prepare the house sign for you should you wish to buy.
  • We charge per tile for these types of houses. For houses in guarded towns, the price is 3.5k per tile. In unguarded towns, the price is 2.5k per tile.
  • Players who purchase these statics will pay a one-time fee and may keep their homes private. You may sell these houses to other players as well (although we recommend staff assisted trading for in-town housing.)
  • Should you wish to buy a static that isn't advertised as for sale, contact a staff member and they will decide if that building can be made available to you.
  • Upgrades for your houses include Guild Doors, Exterior Decoration, or Teleporters. These upgrades may only be purchased through staff directly, and pricing may vary.
  • We may be willing to adjust the price rate for selling these houses to guilds, or renting these houses to individuals.
  • For a detailed guide on requirements for purchasing a Static Home on Cataclysm, please see here: Statics Guide

Player Run Towns

  • Staff may assist players who wish to set up their own village or town.
  • You must have at least five houses to be eligible to become a town.
  • Staff will create a region for your town, and can add roads or other decoration based on your theme.
  • If your community is accepted as a town, we will provide these services free of charge!
  • We do not allow your town region to be guarded, and rarely will provide bank boxes for your town.


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