Frequently Asked Questions

So this server is free to play?

  • We will never ask for any money or subscription to play our server.

What is Ultima Online?

  • Ultima Online was released in 1997 and is the first successful Massive Multiplayer Online RPG (or MMORPG). It pioneered many of the game-play mechanics and features of the genre. It is considered by many the best MMO to date, but due to it's diverse nature it does have a learning curve.

What Ultima Online emulator does UO Cataclysm run on?

  • We use a heavily modified RunUO core and scripts as the framework for our shard.

What Ultima Online client does UO Cataclysm use? Do we have to use the installer UO Cataclysm provides? Can't I just use my current UO install and hop on?

  • Cataclysm UO uses a modified Mondain's Legacy client, and because of the modifications players will need to use our installer to play our shard. If you try to log on with a default UO client, the game will not function as intended and may experience graphical errors.

What era of Ultima Online is UO Cataclysm?

  • UO Cataclysm does not replicate any official release of Ultima Online. We are a replica and re-imagining of the original Sphere 0.51a emulator software. To many, this era of all skills and a crafting driven economy is second to none.

How do I change my password?

  • You may imput the command "[password" in game and type the new password twice consecutively. ( [password newpass newpass )

How difficult are skill gains here?

  • Skill and stat gains are modeled from Sphere. All skills gains are repetition based. While crafting skill gains are on the more difficult end of the spectrum, essential combat related skills or stats gain rather quickly. You can also gain combat related skills from PvM, with our Skill Scroll reward system. For the completionists, we offer a GM Rewards system to reward your time and hard work for some of the more difficult skills.

How do I craft the custom weapons?

  • Recipes are hidden throughout the world that list the ingredients and skill requirements for crafting each weapon. Some may be in some obvious locations, some may be hidden quite deeply within the world or dungeons. They may be listed in books, written on objects, or hidden in boxes or bags. Some weapons require your character to have either positive or negative karma at a certain level to wield as well.

Is there insta hit and pre casting like T2A?

  • No insta hit, no pre-casting. This is not part of the Sphere era.

My favorite hue is restricted on the tailoring dye tub. How do I get wearable items in this color?

  • Wearable items in the restricted colors will be released as prizes in events, quests, and tournaments. We restricted these colors intentionally to give value to these items and help promote active economy. There are also ways to collect cloth of these rare colors and craft your own items yourself.

What is a Felucca only shard?

  • Ultima Online has changed drastically over the years since its initial release, and today it is an entirely different game than when it first started. In the early days there was only one facet, or world, for players to play in called Felucca. Player vs player, stealing, and features where players could interact negatively with each other were all part of this era. Later, they released another facet called Trammel in which there was no player vs player and players could not perform negative acts on each other. We here at Cataclysm UO only support the old school, risk vs reward play-style of the Felucca facet.

Will my account or characters be deleted for inactivity?

  • Accounts will never be deleted for inactivity, we know that your time is valuable and want to ensure your investment in our server is permanent.

Help staff! I was scammed by another player!

  • We will not interfere with player interactions on the server. If you are deceived by another player, it is your loss. Use common-sense when dealing with other players.

I want to create a role-player's guild. May I have RP items or skin color?

  • Role-play guilds and items are given on a case-by-case basis. We are extremely selective and limited to which guilds will receive skin color and items for their guild. Direct communication with administrator level staff is required to begin the process of starting a role-play guild. If staff believes your guild should be accepted, your guild members are required to role-play their characters 24/7 after that point, and may have the items or skin color removed if staff later deems you unworthy. You will not receive a name change along with the skin color. You may qualify for some static custom themed decorations for your guild house. If interested, please review the following guide for more information: Role Playing Guide

How long will it take for my house to decay if I don't refresh it?

  • Houses take approximately one year to become in danger of collapsing.

Will items decay in my house if I neglect to lock them down?

  • Housing functions as Sphere did, therefore items left in houses will not decay. You may also lock down items using in game commands, or your house key.

I no longer want my house, how do I sell it back?

  • You can drag and drop a house deed on a Real Estate Broker NPC to receive a 90% refund on your house purchase.

I found a bug! I found something that is out of the era! What should I do?

  • Please report any bugs, or era related issues to the staff at through the Bug Reports section of the forums. You may also type "[bugs" in game to be redirected to the Bug Reports forum. When it comes to era accuracy, even the smallest details are important to mention to staff it was overlooked during development.

I want to buy an in-town or static house. How do I know what buildings are for sale and what do I do to get them?

  • All in-town or static buildings that are for sale will have a house sign and a sign that declares the building for sale. Simply page a staff member and a staff rank of GM or above can set the building up for you. We charge per tile for these types of houses and the price may vary depending on the location. You will buy the house through a special sign using an automated system. For more information, see the guide here: Statics Guide

If I have questions, how can I contact the staff?

  • Paging staff in-game using the Help option is the fastest way to get answers. To contact staff directly, refer to the staff page and email staff members or send a general email to You may also send a personal message to staff members on the forums.

What is Sphere 51a and why is the shard promoted as a replica?

  • Sphere 51a was the popular emulator in the era of 2000 - 2004 before RunUO took over as the standard for UO free shards. Sphere offered an open play style that is based heavily off of the Second Age era of Ultima Online. Sphere 51a was the norm for several years when it came to the free shard community. However, it was plagued with bugs, could support limited amounts of players, and was not open source so developers were highly limited on what they could change on their shard. It was also limited to client 1.26.4, a very old build of Ultima Online, missing many features of the modern clients we have today. The reason we chose to replicate Sphere on RunUO is simple. We offer a premium quality Sphere 51a play-style shard without the bugs and limitations, and support newer client versions.

How did the staff ensure accuracy of the Sphere and T2A era during development?

  • Era accuracy is the goal above all others on Cataclysm UO. This was achieved in several ways. First, we reverse engineered the Sphere 51a server by testing, collecting data, and implementing changes on the RunUO server to ensure the most accurate replica possible. The game should look, feel, and play exactly like Sphere did. To ensure all menus, gumps, naming conventions, and skills were functioning correctly we reverse engineered the T2A server by using the Ultima Online demo from The Second Age install CD. The end result is a perfect blend that looks and plays like Sphere but is balanced and complete like The Second Age.

So what was Imagine Nation and why is this old server mentioned so often on the website?

  • Imagine Nation was a Sphere server that ran from 2001 - 2004 and was one of the most customized and successful Sphere servers of all time. Several other incarnations of Imagine Nation went up and down over the years but the original holds a special place in the hearts of fans. It offered a unique colorful world and brought new flavor to Ultima Online that is forever memorable and nostalgic. When players think of the Sphere era many remember shards such as IN that were different from the others, and like IN we have a unique flavor and theme to our world. The design of Cataclysm UO is highly inspired by Imagine Nation, and we are proud to say we are the spiritual successor to Imagine Nation. The staff at Cataclysm UO are IN veterans.

Where is the server located?

  • The server is hosted in Dallas, Texas. This location is ideal because it is a central hub and all of United States and Europe will have ideal connection speeds.


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