Custom Weapons

We feature an expanded combat system with our Custom Weapons, which are created using special ingredients and the Blacksmithing skill. The recipes to create these custom weapons reside hidden in our world. Besides magic weapons, the custom weapons offer a more diverse fighting experience and feature some of the strongest weapons in the game. Besides a special recipe of items required to create them, some weapons need your character to meet certain prerequisites to create, or even wield these weapons.


Spartan's Sting

Barbaric Battle Axe

Az A Moradin

Lucifer's Lust

Hell's Halberd

Bushido Blade

Rosea Mors

Cosmos Blade


Rusty Pitchfork

Dirk of Valor

Full Tang Dagger

Javelin of Trinsic

Phoenix Talon

Impish Impaler

Mace Fighting

Goblin Clooba

Dwarven War Hammer

Bloodied Bludgeon

Appetite for Destruction


Judgement Hammer


Elven Bow

Dismantled Despair

Bow of Purity

Death's Touch


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