Welcome to UO Cataclysm


Marketplaces reminiscent of a lost era..

The Frost Elf Den, a dangerous destination for an adventurer.

Custom crafting includes weapons, armor, potions and more!

Lively towns centered on a bustling economy.

Rare custom mounts can be tamed only by the brave.

Perilous journeys into our dungeons await.

Static houses are available for your RP pleasure.

PVP in our custom duel pits where you can risk it all!

Custom Mob Locations with Storylines Around the World.

UOCataclysm is a perfect blend of the best of Sphere 51a, T2A and what many of us consider the 'golden age' of Ultima Online. UOC has spared no expense to design a server which functions with all of the greatness of the original Sphere but powered by RunUO. Be apart of a rich, custom world with a unique flair and quality the most nostalgic can appreciate. Finally a server you can enjoy that lives up to its promises on being true to the original Sphere playstyle!

Cataclysm Expansion III Has been released 5/12/2018!



Town Crier

Super Sunday Event schedule this weekend! 9/27/15 at 9:00AM PST (GMT -8:00)

More events in Britannia this Sunday morning! A 1 vs 1 tournament, followed by Bomberman! Rare prizes and good times ahead. For more information, see the thread here.

New Vendor Mall launches on CUO!

We have a new Vendor Mall much better suited for vendor placement than the previous one. The existing Vendor Mall is now the Safe Zone for idling! New moongates have been added to the Safe Zone as well! For more information, see the thread here.

Lag Issue Resolved! Server More than Stable.

We've isolated the cause of the ongoing lag that we were experiencing, and resolved the issue. We we're experiencing CPU spikes due to some commands being run on the server, which we disabled. This in turn was causing heavy client lag. As a side effect of this, the Daily Event will be temporarily unavailable. We're back to our normal CPU usage and the shard is more than stable, special thanks to all those who helped diagnose and resolve this! The Daily will resume very soon.

Patch 15 Content Release is now Live!

Large patch introduces new systems on CUO! Skill Scrolls will drop on monsters to train essentials, you no longer need to macro to make a completed fighter! MyCUO has been completely reworked with live vendor search, crafting tables and other internal information! Custom Currency vendors are added. Stamina has been revamped. Many other PvP, PvM, Events, bug fixes and content changes are added as well! See the news here.

Support Your Shard, Support Yourself in June on CataclysmUO!

With Patch 15 around the corner, our new marketing campaign is in full swing and has lots of rewards for players who participate! Idling your characters, up voting our reddit post, and a YouTube video contest is encouraged! We are grateful for such wonderful players and thankful for your support! See more details about this campaign and how you can participate here.



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