Welcome to UO Cataclysm


Marketplaces reminiscent of a lost era..

The Frost Elf Den, a dangerous destination for an adventurer.

Custom crafting includes weapons, armor, potions and more!

Lively towns centered on a bustling economy.

Rare custom mounts can be tamed only by the brave.

Perilous journeys into our dungeons await.

Static houses are available for your RP pleasure.

PVP in our custom duel pits where you can risk it all!

Custom Mob Locations with Storylines Around the World.

UOCataclysm is a perfect blend of the best of Sphere 51a, T2A and what many of us consider the 'golden age' of Ultima Online. UOC has spared no expense to design a server which functions with all of the greatness of the original Sphere but powered by RunUO. Be apart of a rich, custom world with a unique flair and quality the most nostalgic can appreciate. Finally a server you can enjoy that lives up to its promises on being true to the original Sphere playstyle!

Cataclysm Expansion III Has been released 5/12/2018!



Town Crier

New Static House Availability and Policy Changes Posted

We've had some major changes to how static houses are distributed on Cataclysm, as well as implemented some new policy changes. If you already own a static home, these policy changes may affect you. Please see the forums for more information.

Patch 28 Maintenance Patch is live!

We have a new update addressing various fixes and improvements on systems, and fixed karma / fame gains on pets.

Patch 27 is live on Cataclysm!

We have a large new update containing various fixes, new systems, a new dungeon, and more! See the patch notes on our forums.

Patch 26 is live on Cataclysm!

We've added some new monsters, new features, new fixes, and new content! Please see the forums for details!

Patch 22 Live on Cataclysm! 1/2/17

We've deployed a new feature release to compliment our Expansion patch! Added Paragon monsters among other great changes! Patch notes available on the forums: Patch 22.



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