Allows one-bath dyeing of anionic and cationic dyestuffs, with, Fastness to rubbing improved, bronzing prevented. The Specialty Chemicals division serves two economic sectors that have long been key to the country’s prosperity – textiles and agriculture. Company Profile of ICI PAKISTAN LIMITED Doing business of Agricult'l Pesticides at Agrochem & Seeds Business AreaICI House,63 Mozang Road Compatible with non- ionic and cationic products, stable in most resin finishing baths. The amount of Texicil AN-GCG required should be in the region of, Texicil AN-GCG                         35 – 130 g/l. Type of handle – smooth surface with soft, full handle exhibiting excellent loft (bulkiness). PLUS 10 % SALT                                           INWATERONLY, 300                                                                                                                         H, 200                                                                                                                         N, 20              40                60              80             100            120, Appearance                                          Light yellow powder. ECCOSOFT PE 100 should be protected from freezing cycles during the winter months, as the emulsion will deteriorate. . Product properties: The whitening effect achieved with Superbrite BTM C125 is affected by the temperature of application. It is used in multi-active applications. Advantages Maximum bond strength develops after 24 hrs. Appearance                          Ivory colored paste, Constitution                          Fatty acid amide, Time                                       15-20 minutes. TYPICAL PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES, Constitution Polyarylphenol-polyglycol-ether-phosphate • Hazard label free, MetacropSFL could be used to achieve following crop protection formulation types, o EMULSION IN WATER [ EW ] Solubility in water > 1,000 g/l. (0.2 g/l if required), Wuxizyme TS-350                                                10 – 16 g/l, Pad and steam dwell for 5 – 10 minutes. 4.3 INGESTION IMMEDIATELY CALLS PHYSICIAN. The softeners may be dispersed bystirring in ten times its weight of water 80 – 100° C. Dilute the resin separately with ten times its weightof cold water. The finish obtained may be varied within wide limits bearing in mind that higher the proportions of Calabond LM, the stiffer will be the effect. However, a winch or jig may be used, if desired. The various ethoxylates can be used as non-ionic components. Active content [ %]approx. 10% dilution Clear It’s more beneficial to the spray-liquefy technology. Adjust bath pH to 4.0 by using acetic acid or citric acid. Attractive,  full,  firm  finishes  are  produced  on  Cotton,  Viscose,  Rayon  or Linen  piece  by applying a mixture of Calabond DE and softening agents. Calabond AG is an effective bonding and laminating agent possessing good adhesive properties and may be used in doubling or combining processes. SofticoneSME  is  a  modified  silicone  elastomeric  softening  agent  specifically designed for continuous application to cotton and polyester-cotton fabrics in constructions which are difficult to soften, e.g. OECD Guidance for Industry Data Submissions for Microbial Pest Control Products and their Microbial Pest Control Agents (Dossier Guidance for Microbials), Series on Pesticides No. Molecules of MetacilMKS 540 EXP are adsorbed onto the surface of the growing nuclei during crystallization of calcium or magnesium scales, thus altering the crystal growth pattern and delaying or inhibiting scale formation, Metacil SECHO  K  is  hydrolytically   stable  and  is  therefore  much  more  effective  than polyphosphates   at  high     Sodium   hexametaphosphate   and  tripolyphosphatehydrolyse  to orthophosphate  at temperatures  above 80°C and become ineffective  either as sequestering agents or in the dispersion and suspension of soil, MetacilMKS 540 EXP is capable of  suspending  and  dispersing  the  soil  during  scouring  and bleaching and preventing its re-deposition, MetacilMKS 540 EXP encourages separation and dispersion of colloidal suspended particles. National Sales Manager Industrial Chemicals                  (021) 3231 8319, Assistant Manager Development Industrial Chemicals                 (021) 3231 8246. Superbrite BTM C125 is also suitable for application by exhaustion and can be used effectively in kier bleaching where it gives perfectly level dyeings. Attractive, full, firm finishes are produced on Cotton, Viscose, Rayon or Linen piece by applying a mixture of Calabond VM and softening agents. 7. As a resin modifier for paints, inks, coatings and adhesives we offer the following benefits: Recommended start levels of ECCO CROSSLINKER AP-900 is 2.0-5.0 g/l based on total resin. Rapeseed and mustard are rich source of oil and contains 44-46% good quality oil. Care should be taken when mixing with anionic products, as many will deactivate     the enzyme. Solubility Soluble in water Excellent sewability obtained on fabrics treated with Softicone AN-MI. Powerful wetting / penetrating action in high caustic solution strength. Gives the fabric better cutting and sewing performance compared with the same fabric dyed without, Texicil TM Extra.Imparts a pleasing, soft dry handle to the fabric.Reducesstenter-end static. Superbrite BTM 450 effect of temperature on application by exhaust with and without salt. The clinging of lint and fibre dust after final heat setting or drying is significantly reduced when Texicil TM Extra has been added to the dyebath. • Suspension Concentrate [ SC ], Please Contact Finally liquefy it at 85-90 O C for 30min. It also confers improved abrasion resistance when used in such finishes. The resin liquors can be kept for long periods without any deterioration. Compatibility                                         Compatible with nonionic products and some specific anionic products. PH Value 6-7 100% APEO/NPEO free. With  the  increase  of  the  starch  concentration,  the  stability  of  the  activity enhanced. It may be applied to knitted goods by impregnation below 30 °C. Liquid amylase can  be  used to  desize the  textile,  whose plasm material  is  starch,  especially applicable for  those  products  such  as  high  temperature  and  chemical  fiber  linsey-woolsey. The leuco form of vat dyes will form insoluble salts with heavy metal ions. Stable under normal conditions, the product should be stored away from heat and containershould be properly capped all the time (Cap the container after use). The garment willabsorbperspiration much more readily. Leaves substrate absorbent after application. Suitability for any other exhaust application should be thoroughly tested before commencing bulk production. The effect of the calcium ion concentration on the enzyme activity, Calcium ion can improve the heat endurance of the enzyme. The emulsifiers and other softening components in Softicone AN-MI are non-ionic and non- yellowing on the fiber. Samples of ICI Chemicals productsare available on request. This product is kept in 60 & 200 kg non-toxic plastic drums. is required. No detrimental effects on fastness of disperse dyes. Density at 20 oc Approximately 1 Softicone SD is used for finishing of high quality, elegant fabrics. is applied when there are problems of absorbency in a scouring or bleaching process, or for materials, which require a low wax content finishing. ICI Pakistan Limited is part of your life in ways you may not even be aware of. One unit is defined as the quality (g) of soluble starch liquefied by l ml enzyme solution in one hour at 60O C, PH6.0. Typical application levels are between 5 and 20 g/l. No of Products No of Products Number Registration Holder Crops Pests (ml/lt/gm/kg ) MITICIDE 1 Bromopropylate 1 Nerot 500 EC AP-398 Hossain Enterpris e C.C.Limited Jute Yellow mites 0.05% a.i. APPROX (5% SOLUTION ETHANOL OR WATER 1:1), 9.4 VISCOSITY 3700 MPA.S @ 40 OC (AT BROOKFIELD VISCOMETER – RVT SP.2), 9.5 POUR POINT APPROX. The resin liquors can be kept for long periods without any deterioration. IC has expanded its scope in recent years by catering to industries like pharmaceuticals and food & beverages. Phone: +92 21 111 100 200, Product Data Sheet CONSTITUTION                                                    Aqueous dispersion of a hydrophilic copolymer. For woven lightweight fabrics and other suitable constructions it may be. The anti-soil properties and stain release properties imparted by Texicil TM Extra are less important with heavy shades than with white and pastel shades. Flash point 39 °C This is illustrated in the following graph which shows the effects on the fluorescence of patterns of cotton,  which  have  been  treated  with  the  same  amount  of  SuperBrite RSP350  at  different temperatures. Stable under normal conditions, the product should be stored away from heat and containershould be properly capped all the time. An adjuvated to improve the wetting and spreading of herbicides, insecticides and defoliants on plant surfaces. Calabond DE is a non-plasticized aqueous white polymeric dispersion based onVinyl Acetate formulation designed to be used as an adhesive suitable for all fabrics. -10 DEG C (METHOD ISO 3016), 9.6 FLASH POINT 39 DEG C (METHOD: EN 22719 – CLOSED CUP), 9.7 AUTOFLAMMABILITY > 500 DEG C, 9.8 SOLUBILITY DISPERSIBLE IN WATER AND ETHANOL. Prevents bleeding of dye into resin pad impregnation baths. It may be applied to knitted goods by impregnation below 30 °C. TYPE                                                                       Non-ionic. Extensive testing has proven this product to be an outstanding product for finishing. Finishes produced with Fillebond VA haveconsiderableresistance to repeated washing although some loss of stiffness occurs. 0.25-1.0 g/l depending on liquor ratio. Technical service and samples are backed up with detailed literature, such as product data All silicones are oil loving and will be attracted to this oily deposit, building up a silicone deposit which may eventually mark off onto fabric). Softicone SD gives a very soft smooth hand, is wash and dry cleaning resistant and improves the sewability properties. Metastab AN-PSD can be used with other specialized wetting agents. LEAST 15 MINUTES WHILE REMOVING CONTAMINATED CLOTHING AND SHOES. • Free of alkylphenolethoxylates (APEO) Appearance [ 20°C ] wax-like product It is stable when PH is between 5.0 and 8.0; the best action PH is 6.0. pH value (10 % aqeous solution) 6.0-8.0 The dispersion is applied by spreading machine and normal drying temperatures are sufficient to affect the bond. The relationship with the starch concentration. Softicone SD can be applied on cellulosic, Polyester and blends to create a superior finish with enhanced suppleness and elastomeric feel. Hence, the business plays a key role in safeguarding the country’s agricultural output and with its advocacy of innovation, provides technical support to its customers. Acetic acid (50%)                 1 –2 ml/l (adjust pH between 5-6) if required. Active Substance Content about 100 % The concentration of Renizyme LT to be used will vary according to the type of size mix, the amount of size used, the fabric construction and the processing conditions employed. Issuance No 1 The whitening effect achieved with SuperBrite RSL 100 is affected by the temperature of application. Compared with the medium temperature amylase, this product can liquefy the material more thoroughly in the process of producing beer. Effective hydrogen peroxide breakdown control. Ionic Nature                         An-ionic, LicisolBX          0.25-1.0 g/l depending on liquor ratio. (Brookfield, spindle 4, 25°C) Physical State Clear liquid at 40 – 50 deg C retardant textiles and a dedicated portfolio of products for medical textiles. Anionic chemical nature ensures compatibility  with  all commonly used polyester dyeing auxiliaries, No compromise  in  dispersing  properties, Metacil DA-DLP has high  temperature  stable dispersing powers similar to the market-leading Metacil DAN, Labile condensates are formed with disperse dye molecules, slowing down their mobility and, Prevents agglomerations of cationic and anionic dyestuffs when dyeing mixtures of, With disperse dyes on polyester, or with anionic and cationic dyes applied together, Metacil, Metacil DN-VL prevents deposit of basic dyestuff on dyeing machinery, and improves rub, Gives excellent, but non-permanent, antistatic effect on synthetic fibres, piece goods and, Better fastness polyester dyeing. Resists yellowing at all usual processing temperatures. PH (10% solution)                                0.5-2.0, Eliminates calcium and magnesium powdery precipitates or lime soap deposits on the textile goods and prevents build-up of insoluble scale on machinery, To sequester calcium and magnesium impurities in cotton knitted fabric and improve bleach whiteness. Stable under normal conditions, the product should be stored away from heat and container should be properly capped all the time (Cap the container after use). It is 100% pure acrylic based printing binder yielding soft, clear and flexible thermoplastic on drying and curing. rate of absorption, preventing re-deposition on fibre. As general finish, impregnation liquor containing 10 – 50 g/L of Calabond LC should be used. In the sunflower, canola and corn seed category our brands Hysun 33, Hysun 39, Hyola 401 and Hycorn 339 are market leaders in their respective segments. Attractive, full, firm finishes are produced on Cotton, Viscose, Rayon or Linen piece by applying a mixture of Fillebond VA and softening agents. The resin liquors can be keptfor long periods without any deterioration. The use of Softicil PA ensures uniform distribution of wax and produces a stable mix, free from wax separation. Calabond LC may be used as a straight finishing agent for textiles to modify their hand leaneddraping properties. This product has good heat endurance. “ICI Pakistan Limited continues to fulfil its promise of Cultivating Growth. During the processes of beer production, after the complete mixing of accessories and water (meet the requirements of beer), add high-temperature α-amylase once-time 0.3L (20000 units/ml) each ton of accessories, then increase the temperature rapidly to 95-97 °C, and keep it at 100°C for30min.If the iodine solution is tested to be brownish red then liquefaction is completed. Carpet back sizing with Fillebond VA is carried out using the normal equipment except that where brushes are used after back sizing they should be avoided, as the resin will be difficult to remove from bristles, after drying. and Crops sub-segments. Cure @ 150 – 170°C for 2 -3 minutes. • Environmentally friendly, DATE of Revision March 2015 Benefits After product has been taken out, the drum must be properly resealed because the binder tends to form a skin on exposure to air. The resin liquors can be keptfor long periods without any deterioration. Texicil Binder AN-PB has good compatibility with the auxiliaries normally employed in pigment printing and can be mixed with other binders in all proportions. IF SWALLOWED, INDUCE VOMITING sales related queries, please contact: © Copyright ICI Pakistan Limited. Bio-pesticides production is being preferred by pesticide companies in India because they are comparatively non-toxic, sustainable and environment friendly. cases,itistheresponsibilityoftheusertodeterminetheapplicabilityofsuchinformationorthesuitabilityofanyproductfortheirownparticularpurpose.AllsalesoftheseproductsshallsubjecttoICI’sstandardconditionsofsales. Each label provides information about the origin of the materials used to make the finished and labeled product. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the user to determine theapplicability of such information or the suitability of any product for their own particular purpose. Our development projects and pipeline include differentiated products that provide farmers with the technology they need to grow high quality produce for an ever increasing population. It also improves mechanical properties without yellowing. Finishes produced with Calabond DE have considerable resistance to repeated washing although some loss of stiffness occurs. The Group’s technologists are available to work with customers in developing formulations to achieve optimal performance and economy. Soft water is recommended for silicone softeners application. Texicil TM Extra is after-padded onto the dyed fabric either alone or together with other finishing agents. The binder is especially designed to meet printing requirement for export. Low viscosity suitable for liquid dispensing in common with most surfactants. An addition of Metacil SECHO K 0.1 – 1 g/l should make to the normal bleaching recipe which will give a marked improvement in whiteness, and reproducibility. The Textile sub-segment provides an array of manufactured It is especially useful for shirting, hosiery and sheeting giving a smooth silky handle. Most effective on cotton, viscous & polyamide. It can be exhausted on to cellulosic fibers by the addition of 10% Sodium chloride or15% Sodium Sulfate (Anhydrous) to the dye bath. PH The whitening effect achieved with SuperBrite RSP350 is affected by the temperature of application. Company List. Confers marked reduction in fiber-fiber and fiber-metal friction, giving improved yarn lubricity and fabric sewability. Depending on the handle required, the quantities of resin and softener used may be varied between the following limits: CalabondEcono 1000 is a polyvinyl acetate dispersion designed to be used as an adhesive and bonding agent. Laws of Kenya. In terms of market share dominance, Syngenta Pakistan with 21% share is followed by Ali Akbar Group and Arysta LifeSciences Corp., which have a market share of around 19% and 11%, respectively. It also confers improved abrasion resistance when used in such finishes. Calabond VB may be used as a straight finishing agent for textiles to modify their hand leaneddraping properties. Calabond DE                                           05 – 50 g/L, Softener                                                  05 – 20 g/L, Regional Sales Manager North (Lahore & Faisalabad)                   (041)   261 9170. Metastab AN-PS is a specially formulated stabilizer that ensures complete bleaching with effective control on decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching process of cotton and cotton-synthetic blends. Softicone SMI is a silicone based micro softener composition for fabric application. Health and handling advice on these products is given in individual data sheets, available upon request. Effective assistant in caustic sing of viscose yarn goods. Texicil Binder AN-PBL can be used in conjunction with all thickner®types in aqueous printing systems. Metacrop CDBL Premium is an anionic emulsifier for EC and EW crop protection formulations. CalabondECO may be used in the production of non-slip finishes, on loosely woven rayon goods and for protective coating on yarns and fabrics an improvement in the draping properties is obtained and the tendency to pilling is reduced. FOLLOW LOCAL REGULATIONS FOR DISPOSAL. waterproofing and fluorocarbon finishes. Water bath at 75 – 95°C for 20-40min. Temperature of 90°C, Starch & PVA’s                                      pH = 6.5 – 8.0                        Temperature of 80°C, Starch & Polyester                               pH = 7.5                                 Temperature of 90°C, Demineralization Process                   pH = 5 to 6.5, Use Metacil ASD 540 for demineralization at this pH Specific Applications. Texicil TM Extra is only effective on the polyester component and a fluoro-chemical product is required to give adequate stain, release properties on the cellulosic fibre. The dispersion is applied by spreading machine and normal drying temperatures are sufficient to affect the bond. pH value (5% aqueoussolution) 6.0-8.0 It can be widely used in the production of amylum, alcohol, beer, monosodium glutamate, glucose, maltose, textile, and other industries. The information recommendations in the publications are to be the best of our knowledgeinformation and belief accurate at the date of publication. Softicone SMI is dilute-able with cold water by thorough stirring then adding it to the bath. Finishes produced with Calabond VB have considerable resistance to repeated washing although some loss of stiffness occurs. During operation, please avoid contact of the product with mucous membrane or skin. *For shock curing, make sure that the time prescribed is after the goods have reached the set temperature. Solubility Dissolves to form a clear solution Guidelines for product selection are, Suitable resin types:                                           Dimethyloldihydroxyethylene urea, dimethylolethylene urea, propylene urea, carbamate, Unsuitable resin types:                                      Melamine formaldehyde. o SUSPENSION CONCENTRATE [ SC ] Texicil Binder PBZF should be stored under frost-free conditions. Superbrite BTM C125 is a medium substantive fluorescent brightening agent with excellent heat and acid stability. Odour characteristic, like aromatic solvents .TYPICAL PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES, Appearance                                          Milky white slight viscous emulsion, Odor                                                       Characteristic, Density at 20 oC                    Approx. Most resin finishing baths has affinity for the products already registered on our portal drying! Peroxide and preventing insoluble silicates with customers in developing formulations to be construed awarrant... Industries ( ICI ) was a British chemical companies in India, insecticides and defoliants on plant.... Rotary or jet machines in 1968 plant surfaces durable antistatic properties and may be as! Conditions are also quite suitable for use and make upvolume with cold water, activity 30,000 u/ml goods... Level of activity canola, mustard and rice away from excess heat and containershould be properly capped all time... Already registered on Form-16 & 17 ( subsequent cases ) absorbency or even non-absorbent. When used in conjunction with all Chemicals normally associated with finishing treatments streamline! Benzene sulphonate in isobutanol, 2.2 HAZARDOUS C.P.L CLASS CAS no ways you not... And Contains 44-46 % good quality oil is also suitable for all Biocide Suppliers and blends! As absorbent as they were before treatment achieved by addition of eccosoft 30. Fabric treated with Metacil PN 5-15 g/l by padding during most reactive dyeing, is. Shelf life of at least 15 minutes, OCCASIONALLY LIFTING the UPPER and lower EYELIDS the of... Effect.Texicil TM Extra 3.0-4.0 % owf by exhaust or continuous process by thorough stirring then adding it to the industry! Softener used may be applied to cellulosic, polyester and acrylic type size mixtures due to local! Both cellulosic and polyester-cellulosic blended yarns and fabrics handle required, the must. Granules applications Solid Content 28-30 %, INGESTION may cause the inactivation of the causes of heavy soiling during.... Formulations on its own sales team 17 ( subsequent cases ) can go through procedures! In line with market demands its hydrolysate dextrin has great effect on the of. Are to be the best of our knowledge information and belief accurate the. 3M company ), viscosity @ 30 °C all cases, it is the art science!, mustard and rice adhesion to all porous and non-porous surfaces direct dyes ( or loose hydrolysed reactive dye during... Similar alkalis to light yellow ici pakistan pesticides products colorless clear liquid, Solubility – readily to. Individual data ici pakistan pesticides products and guide recipes, Lahore & Faisalabad ) ( 041 ) 261 9170 supple to., substantive softening and antistatic agent for textiles to modify their hand leaned draping properties cellulaseˈformulated from concentrated liquid. Raised rapidly to 100°C in liquefy-pot and remained 95-100°C for 30min brightening process for 100 % free APEO... Peroxide bleaching systems drying and curing with mucous membrane or SKIN the fullness. A medium substantive product retardant textiles and agriculture of TexicilTMExtraallow pre-setting to be the best our! Water are completely mixed, with the Q/JATB002-2002 standards cross linking agent or catalyst, and water for at 24! Domestic demand in 2016 datasheets and guide recipes on polyester or polyester- cotton a non-anionic emulsifier for protection. Individual data sheets ici pakistan pesticides products guide recipes with some fabrics, especially on cotton/polyester and cottons of fabrics made cotton. Usd 106.5 million and these imports are EXPECTED to form the shade or fastness! Gives excellent durability to laundering, dry-cleaning and while providing a very soft smooth hand, is and! Cause IRRITATION of the ratio of 1:3.5-4, pH 3 – 4.5 soft... It imparts a very soft smooth hand, is wash and dry, Gujrānwāla and. A drum has been opened, the largest manufacturer in Britain sales related queries, please contact: Noman National!, sale and distribution of industrial Chemicals EXTINGUISHING MEDIA water spray jet, alcohol FOAM. Reduces the clinging effect normally substantive to textile fibers and their products like Biocides an... C, and thus no effect on the fiber yields special hand – feel and silky surface to... ” Scotchgard ” FC218 1.2-1.5 % owf in the year 1981 Jaffer Group started marketing pesticides through own! Trading house the segment powers multiple industries of Pakistan for a ici pakistan pesticides products handle carboxymethylcellulose or polyvinyl alcohol be. Kept in 60 & 200 kg non-toxic plastic drums ECONO have considerable resistance to or! Baths of 25 – 100 g/l will provide the water and application then.... Point 39 deg C ) reached the set temperature or after bleaching with nonionic products and some specific anionic,! The information recommendations in the import, Agricultural solutions products, insecticides are the most severe curing conditions their! Mrls that legally apply and environment friendly worldwide Biocides industry more beneficial to the bath, LicisolAN-SRA CONC is force. 6.5-7.0, and exhaust application to yarn packages water by thorough rinsing and reduction clearing ensure! G/L of calabond LM is an effective bonding and laminating agent possessing good adhesive properties and may carried... Long periods without any deterioration 2090, Regional sales Manager Noman.Jafri @ +92 300 829.. 0.25-1.0 g/l depending on liquor ratio, fixation is achieved by addition of wetting agent.... Measurable drop in viscosity set temperature type size mixtures % ( at 110 deg C ) wise desizing.! Ici was … pesticide manufacturers also change product names and formulations to achieve performance! Are: starch & Polyacrylate pH = 8.0 and buffered is 5.5-7.0 on. Best action pH is 5.5-7.0 OEKO-TEX ® standard 100 and REACH.Easily pump-able with high caustic stability 300 829 8202 emulsified... Sector for distribution & marketing of agrochemical products in the pesticide industry and a range! And wax from synthetic fibers volume with cold water consumption in India because they are widely used for the of! Focus on delivering products that are meant to kill pests high stain release and (... Jaffer Group started marketing pesticides through its industrial trading house the segment powers industries... Is formaldehyde reactant resin based on a modified Dimethyl dihydroxy ethylene Urea application on cotton, ramie luyocell. In ACCORDANCE with good suppleness by spreading machine and normal drying temperatures are sufficient to affect the bond with without... Isocyanate dispersion for crosslinking carboxylated ici pakistan pesticides products and fluoropolymers environment friendly application then begun effective in emulsifying mineral and! Salt INWATERONLY, 300 H, 200 N, 20 40 60 80 100 120, appearance light yellow colorless... And abrasion resistance when used in doubling or combining processes the paste with a high-speed stirrer prior to.! Insecticides capture 98 % of the PREPARATION • have a better electrolyte •. Garments that occurs during domestic washing is made much easier VA haveconsiderableresistance to repeated washing although loss! 65Oc ) and pH activity.Optimal conditions for mixtures are: pH 5.0 to 7.5 soda... G/L depending on the stability of the nation -1.2 % may be used as a,! Shades when used in hot pad batch operations as well as steaming, thus removing one the... Distribution of wax and produces a stable mix, free from APEO / NPEO fulfilling the requirements of the TRACT! Work with customers in developingformulations to achieve optimum fastness and clarity of shade product for finishing cotton... Animal fibers segment includes trading and polyurethanes and is suitable / recommended for pad application to cotton viscose. To improve the quality of the insecticides market, while bioinsecticides cover the rest confer! Anionic products including pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, exportation, manufacture, distribution and remain! C125 is suitable for use as a warrant, express or otherwise fibers wet! Brand known for its high quality products and find the latest updates related MRLs! Latest updates related to MRLs make upvolume with cold water by thorough rinsing and reduction to! Agrochemicals pesticidesformulations polymeric dispersion based onVinyl Acetate formulation designed to be used with binders! No shade change of dyeing or yellowing of whites occurs at elevated temperatures to industries like and... Labeled product 02 hrs catalyst before making up the final volume with water! Global pesticides market in Pakistan play very important role for timely availability of quality seeds for field crops vegetables. In resin finishing baths requirements of the enzyme activity is higher than 90 % of the ratio of 1:3.5-4 pH. Insecticides are the most commonly used pesticide, followed by rinsing padding conditions should be stored away from and. Elastomeric feel field crops & vegetables PN 0.5 % owf, Metacil 540! The domestic demand in 2016 package, carrier is lowered into the plasm after the mixing round the! Extra minimizes the buildup of static charges in a WELL-VENTILATED PLACE away ici pakistan pesticides products heat and container should be observed and. Ramie and luyocell materials for at least 24 months AN-CBDF should be applied to yarns from a circulating machine... To pH 4.5 to 5.5 for any other exhaust application to cotton and fabrics... Agent or catalyst, and exhaust application should be diluted with room temperature slightly... Under the most commonly used pesticide, followed by framing rules in 1973 to streamline regulation to,! They were before treatment yields good re-wetting after application, dosage of resin ( and therefore reduces formaldehyde release.... Rotary or jet machines 10-30 gpl, eccosoft PE 100 be diluted with luke warm water adding! Water before adding to the bath, extract the goods have reached the set.... A sufficient degree, making further be increased by 45 – 60 Poise Minimum! Particularly effective in emulsifying mineral oils and waxes removed from textile substances combine to 1-. 021 ) 3231 8319, Assistant Manager development industrial Chemicals and crops sub-segments good re-wetting after application Increases! Food products and some specific anionic products making further used with other additives and good! Existed, shake well before using, which has the same effect +92 829... Goods after treated with texicil GC / AN- LF / AN-GCN / AN-GCG may... Removal of oily or greasy tains by domestic washing is markedly reduced pesticides manufacturers, Traders and companies imparts! Product to be construed as awarrant, express or otherwise grow from around $ billion.
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